September 2016

High Temp SMD Grounding Contacts

Metallized Film-over-Silicone Foam

SMD METALLIZED FILM-OVER-SILICONE FOAM GROUNDING CONTACT Laird’s High Temperature SMD (Surface Mount Device) Grounding Contact is a Silicone foam cored contact with a metalized polyimide film outer covering. It is used for circuit grounding of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) devices. These contacts are designed to be solder reflow compatible, and are suitable for automatic processing.




SNC45RXP is a Nickel/ Graphite filled silicone paste with very low hardness which contributes to relatively low compression force when it is used as dispensed gaskets in between of chassis and cover. It is also designed to be used under high compression rate up to 60% so that the gaskets can compensate large tolerance of substrates. It also has good shielding performance with balanced mechanical properties. This grade end in a very cost effective FIP solution through its low density and fast dispensing speed.


Ferrite Based Dual Inductors MCD1010 Series

- Dual inductor in one package
- Ferrite based and magnetic shielded construction
- Low magnetic coupling between inductors
- Operating temperature -40℃ to 155℃ (including self-heating)

- Surface mount device

- Class-D audio amplifier
- LPF for digital amplifier for low distortion and best sound quality

Micro BLS - Two-piece extra low profile BLS

Enabling smaller and thinner electronic devices while maintaining the benefits of part rigidity and repairability Standard rigid corner board level shielding designs get crowded with assembly height below 2.0 mm. Latching features on the drawn step will eliminate the need for a separate hole on the side wall. Micro BLS uses the spring properties of stainless steel cover to snap into the top surface of the frame instead of side wall. Contact dimple on the side walls improve the shielding effectiveness. Pinch to install covers creates a secure attachment to frame.


Low DCR & High Current Power Inductors

LDZ2817 Series

- Designed with flat wire and ferrite core
- Extremely low DC and AC resistance
- Saturation current up to 56A
- Robust and magnetic shielded construction
- Available with through hole type
- Operating temperature -40℃ to 125℃ (including self-heating)
- DC/DC converters
- High current and high switching frequency power supply application

Ferrite Plate for Resonant Wireless Charging

RP Series

- Designed and optimized for resonant charging, but can support both magnetic coupling and resonant wireless charging concurrently
- Available in solid ferrite
- High permeability, high Q low loss for resonant charging@6.78MHz
- Wide operating temperature -40℃ to 125℃
- Length and width up to 53x53mm
- Wide range of thickness selection from 1mm to 5mm
-A4WP or resonant type wireless charger
-WPC and A4WP combo wireless charger for both short distance and long distance charging
-Wireless charger for office ,residential, public area, industrial and automotive applications

Wireless Charging Receiver Module for 15 Watts Medium Power

Litz Coil Version

- Compatible with WPC Qi Standard
- Operating temperature -40℃ to +85℃
- Assembled with litz coil and high flux density metal alloy sheet
- Optimized for mid power (15W) fast wireless charging application on receiver side
-Smart phone and tablet fast wireless charging
-Wireless charger for general consumer electronics or any other devices that need contactless power

Broadband Wire Wound power Common Mode Choke

CMX3016 Series

- Power common mode choke for large current up to 20A
- Built with nanocrystalline core
- Excellent impedance for broadband noise suppression up to 300MHz
- Through hole installation
- Operating temperature -40℃ to 125℃ (Including self-heating)
- Sectional winding construction with spacer to improve isolation
- Power line applications
- Telecom, industry and medical power supply
- High switching mode power supply
- High power and high density power supply

High Current SMD Power Bead

LBP1208 Series

• High saturation current
• Low core loss
• Magnetically shielded construction, low
• Compact size & robust ferrite construction
• Operating temperature -55℃ to 125℃
(Including self-heating)
• Surface mount device
• Extremely low DCR
• High speed switch mode application
• Voltage regulator module (VRM)
• CPU/GPU power supply for graphic card or server

Wireless Charging Receiver Module For 15 Watts Medium Power

FPCB Version

- Compatible with WPC Qi Standard
- Operating temperature -40℃ to +85℃
- Assembled with FPCB and high flux density metal alloy sheet
- Optimized for mid power (15W) fast wireless charging application on receiver side
- Smart phone and tablet fast wireless charging
- Wireless charger for general consumer electronics or any other devices that need contactless power


High Temperature, Magnetically Loaded Thermoplastic Absorber

· Thermoplastic polymer amenable to injection molded processes
· Injection molding is ideal for complex shapes and high volume applications – results in lower part cost
· Environmentally friendly,RoHS/Reach compliant
· Halogen free
· High Temperature Resistance
· Low outgassing – < 1.00% TML and <0.10% CVCM
- Smart phone and tablet fast wireless charging
- Wireless charger for general consumer electronics or any other devices that need contactless power

Tflex™ HD700

Performance Thermal Gap Filler

Laird Tflex™ HD700 Is our latest product in our High Deflection series. Tflex™ HD700 combines a 5 W/mK with superior pressure versus deflection characteristics. The combination will allow minimal stress on components while also yielding low thermal resistance. The result will be higher mean time before failure (MFBF) of your device as less mechanical and thermal stresses will be experienced.

Tflex™ HD700 is available in thickness from 0.5mm (0.020”) to 5mm (0.200”). Laird can provide material to meet your production needs in any region through our local production facilities. Please contact your local Laird sales or field engineering contact for samples or questions.


Tflex™ CR200 Series

Gap Filler Material


Tflex™ CR200 is a two-part, silicone-based thermal gap filler that has low viscosity prior to curing. Tflex™ CR200 is ideal for applications where large gap tolerances are present. The low viscosity makes it ideal for applications in which the components cannot withstand high pressure during assembly. The mixed material will cure at room temperature or can be accelerated with the addition of heat. The Tflex™ CR200 composition provides excellent thermal performance and compliance. The Tflex™ CR200FC will provide similar thermal and mechanical characteristics as the market known Tflex™ CR200, but with a faster curing profile (see table below).


Tflex HD400

0.5mm and 0.75mm High Deflection Thermal Gap Filler

Laird Tflex HD400 is a 4.0 W/mK gap filling material in our high deflection line of products. Tflex HD400 is an excellent choice when wide manufacturing tolerances occur. These variable gaps can be filled with Tflex HD400 while generating minimal board and component stress. Laird’s unique manufacturing capabilities, filler and resin knowledge result in this advanced product designed with customer applications in mind.

Tflex HD400 is provided in thickness from 0.5mm (.020”) and .75mm (.030”). For thicknesses greater than 0.75mm (0.030”) please review datasheet for HD400 (1mm (.040”) to 5mm (.200”). Please contact Laird for information and pricing. In addition, Laird can provide Tflex HD400 in multiple converted formats through approved converters and distribution networks. Also, if your application requires, we can deliver sheets of material as large as 230mm (9”) X 230mm (9”).


Tgard™ 100

Thermally Conductive Insulator (Preliminary)


Tgard™ 100 is a high thermal performance insulator pad consisting of silicone/boron nitrate composite. It is specially designed to maximize high thermal and electrical isolation performance for wide variety of applications.

The unique formulation offers an excellent smooth and compliant surface which minimizes interfacial thermal resistance at low mounting forces. Tgard™ 100 is ideal for applications that require low component mounting forces include discrete semiconductors mounted with clips.