Product highlights

- Large selection of sizes and shapes

- Wide mechanical operating range

- Superior performance at elevated temperatures

- High shielding effectiveness levels

- Ideal for high cycle applications

- Good design flexibility with either wiping action or in compression

- Also available in stainless steel, phosphor bronze and beryllium-free variants


Transfer Impedance (500 Mhz)
80 - 100 dB
H-field (200 Khz Mil 285)
60 - 70 dB
Plane Wave 2 Ghz) Mil 285
75 - 120 dB
Surface Resistivity
Volume Resistivity


Available Size Range
Selection of various sizes and configurations to accommodate gaps from 0.010 - 0.400 (0,25 - 10,2)
Deflection Operating Range
20 - 80% Deflection
Compression Force (based on shape selection)
UltraSoft® 98 Series: 1.6 lbs/lin. ft (2,4 Kg/m) to 41 lbs/lin. ft (61 Kg/m) Standard 97 Series: 3.1 lbs/lin. ft (4.6 Kg/m to 118 lbs/lin. ft (176 Kg/m)
Compression Set
None within operating range
Joint Unevenness Accommodation
0.003 - 0.350 (0,08 - 8,89) maximum
Compund/Material Availability
Standard produkt copper beryllium, also offered in phosphor bronze, stainless steel and beryllium-free variants
Temperature Range
Continous operation @ 250°F (121°C)
Available Profiles
Over 350 standard shapes available, as well as cut to length and modified standards to include finger removal, notches, holes, punched, etc.
Mounting Methods
Clip-On, Sticky Fingers® (pressure sensitive adhesive tape), rivet, weld, solder, and slot mount
Custom Shapes Available
Custom designs to meet specific applications


Fluid Seal
Limited to twist series with Poron seal
Galvanic Compatibility
Over 20 plating finishes available to ensure galvanic compability with mating surface


Typical Applications for Shielding Gaskets
- Ideal for high cycling applications which require frequent access - Good in wiping applications, when gasket needs to be engaged from either the top or side - Wide variety of profiles and mounting methods to accommodate applications from small hand held devises to roomsize enclosures