ElectroSeal Electrically Conductive Elastomers

Product highlights

Meets both military and commercial standards

Provides both EMI and environmental sealing

Extruded shapes ideal for extremely narrow mounting surfaces

Die cut and molded versions available in an infinite array of sizes and shapes

Wide variety of material compounds for galvanic compatibility to mounting surfaces

High corrosion resistant compounds available


Transfer Impedance (500 Mhz)
40 - 105 dB
H-field (200 Khz Mil 285)
30 - 75 dB
Plane Wave 2 Ghz) Mil 285
40 - 12 dB
Surface Resistivity
Volume Resistivity
0.002 - 5 ohm-cm


Available Size Range
Sheet 0.020 (0,51) - 0,125 (3,17) Thick O-strip: 0.040 (1,02) - 0.250 (6,35) dia. O-tubing: 0.090 (2,28) O.D. x 0.050 (1,27) I,D. to 0.4371 (11,10) O.D. x 0.250 (6,35) I.D.
Deflection Operating Range
Sheet: 10% Deflection Solid Extrusions: 10 - 25% Deflection Hollow Extrusions: 20 - 50% Deflection
Compression Force (based on shape selection)
Sheet: 75 - 100 PSI (516,7 - 689 kPa)
Compression Set
15 - 50% Deflection
Joint Unevenness Accommodation
Sheet: 0.005 - 0.010 (0,13 - 0,25 Tubing: 0.005 - 0.030 (0,13 - 0,76)
Compund/Material Availability
Compounds to meet MIL-G-83528 Elastomer. Silicone, fluorosilicone, EPDM, fluorocarbon Fillers: Ag, Ag/Cu, Ag/AI, Ag/Ni, Ag/Gi, CAR, Ni/Graphite. Available in NASA specified ES75 compounds for outgasing required for space applications
Temperature Range
67 - 392°F (19 - 200°C)
Available Profiles
Sheet stock; Solid Extrusion: rectangular, round "D" and U-channel. Hollow extrusions: square, round, "D", "P" Modified standards, cut to length
Mounting Methods
Groove, pressure sensitive adhesive, channel clip on, mechanical fastening
Custom Shapes Available
Infinite extruded shapes and complex die cuts and molded parts


Fluid Seal
Moisture, rain, jet fuel and nuclear biological chemical (NBC) UL compounds
Excellent sealing against air and dust
Galvanic Compatibility
Over 30 compounds available to ensure galvanic compability. High corrosion resistant compounds available


Typical Applications for Shielding Gaskets
EMI and environmental sealing applications where flat or groove mounting surface requires a complex molded or extruded shape. Infinite array of shapes provide flexibility of profile designs down to 0.020 (0,51) diameter to accommodate miniature paging units and other small hand held device