ElectroNit All Mesh

Product highlights

- Most economical gasket for low cycling applications

- High shielding effectiveness over a broad frequency range

- Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes

- Knit construction provides long lasting resiliency

- Versatile mounting options

- Available with elastomer gasket for moisture and dust sealing


Transfer Impedance (500 Mhz)
90 - 105 dB
H-field (200 Khz Mil 285)
55 - 65 dB
Plane Wave 2 Ghz) Mil 285
80 - 115 dB
Surface Resistivity
Volume Resistivity
0.0004 - 0.114 ohm-cm


Available Size Range
0.062 - 0.500 (1,57 - 12,7) Height
Deflection Operating Range
20 - 40% Deflection
Compression Force (based on shape selection)
From 6 - 50 lbs/lin. ft. (8,8 - 74 Kg/m) round
Compression Set
10% @ 20% Compression
Joint Unevenness Accommodation
0.010 - 0.030 (0,25 - 0,76)
Compund/Material Availability
CuBe, monel, aluminium, tin plated steelm tin plated brass, enviroseal version with neoprene or silicone
Temperature Range
Enviroseal -103 - 500°F (-75 - 260°C)
Available Profiles
Round, rectangular, square, single round with fin, double round with fin
Mounting Methods
Groove, pressure sensitive adhesive, mechanical fasteners, channel mount
Custom Shapes Available
Cut to length, mitered corners, flat tape and EMI washers


Fluid Seal
Enviroseal product only: moisture, rain
Enviroseal product only
Galvanic Compatibility
Variety of plantings to ensure galvanic compatibility with mating surface


Typical Applications for Shielding Gaskets
- Covers opened infrequently for servicing (6-12 times pr year) - Long lasting resiliency is ideal for highly sensitive components in permanent or semi-permanent enclosures - Consistent point to point contact for high shielding effectiveness over the life of the gasket